Since 1975, Raverta, of Raverta Laura & C. S.n.c., is a company specialized in the manufacture of gold objects.

The founder, Giovanni Raverta, born in 1934, began working as a goldsmith in Valenza in 1948 in one of the most prestigious companies together with some of the pioneers of the sector. These first steps led him to build, later on, what today is still a successful business.

Strategic was the choice of the place. Valenza, goldsmith district renowned all over the world for the excellence of the Made in Italy, in fact, lived in those years a period of great splendor.

Giovanni distinguished himself immediately for his innate talent and for the passion for his craft. For this reason, many important companies began to convince him into working for them. In 1969, after gaining the necessary experience in the field, he moved in an ambitious jewelry known in the territory, where he became the production director. It is important to emphasize that, thanks to his remarkable abilities, he was able to make significant changes to the company’s core business, obtaining excellent results.

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After some successful years and after having improved his skills, Giovanni Raverta realized that it was the time to start his own business. Therefore, in 1975, he opened a goldsmith workshop in Valenza, with the characteristics of the family business, that, later, he managed with his daughter Laura and his son-in-law Roberto Cominato. During the years the company grew: first of all, its reputation. In fact, the company began to be known not only locally but also globally. Secondly, its size, thanks to the recruitment of excellent workers.

Years and years of activity allowed us to know exactly the dynamics of the sector and renovate ourselves according to its changes.

The tradition related to the goldsmith production, however, is one of the thing that never changed. Production characterized by an excellent level in manufacturing and by prestigious semi-finished or finished objects,  such as eyewear, pens, wearable accessories, smoking accessories, handbags and much more, all strictly made of gold. The ability to combine artistic and artisan skills into the creation of jewels has always been the main strong of the company, which is, in fact, unique in the sector.

We believe that these principles, carried over time, together with a strong family bond, are the reason of this long-lived and successful business.

Experience, passion, handcrafted qualitative excellence and also innovative technologies (for example CAD systems), allowed Raverta to create a perfect harmony between past and present. This environment facilitates the exclusive realization of every object, which can be customizable according to every customer’s need.

An harmonious bond, respectful of history, and, at the same time, able to adapt to the sector’s changes and satisfy excellently every kind of need.